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Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Bourbon Whiskey Review

Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon Frontier Whiskey

45% ABV

From the Distillers Website

Distillery Product Page

Bulleit Bourbon is inspired by the whiskey pioneered by Augustus Bulleit over 150 years ago. Only ingredients of the very highest quality are used. The subtlety and complexity of Bulleit Bourbon come from its unique blend of rye, corn, and barley malt, along with special strains of yeast and pure Kentucky limestone filtered water. Due to its especially high rye content, Bulleit Bourbon has a bold, spicy character with a finish that's distinctively clean and smooth.

Medium amber in color, with gentle spiciness and sweet oak aromas. Mid-palate is smooth with tones of maple, oak, and nutmeg. Finish is long, dry, and satiny with a light toffee flavor.

90 proof (45% ABV) • 68% corn, 28% rye, 4% malted barley



Our Review

Now a Diageo Brand.
This Bourbon was created by Tom Bulleit who was looking to create a new Bourbon intended for the Japanese market. At the same time Seagrams wanted to create a 'Frontier Whiskey', one that you could envisage Wyatt Earp drinking, they intended to call it 'Bullet' or 'Bullit' (after the Kentucky County). However, Seagrams learned of Bulleit Bourbon and purchased the company. Frontier Whiskey is therefore just marketing.

On to the bourbon, its bottled at 45% ABV, is chill filtered, although this is not stated anywhere on the bottle or website, but since the Cask Strength version pays attention to stating that its NOT chill filtered, we can assume it means that the regular 90 Proof version IS chill filtered.
As always with Bourbon, there is no added colour. With an average retail price of £27.77, it receives an Value Score of 89.37.

On the nose it is sweet and oak intense. Spicey, a powder spice, maybe cinnamon.
On the palate, there is less sweetness as the nose may suggest, but it is spicey with maple and toffee notes. The spice is maybe cinnamon or nutmeg. The finish is quite bitter with the drying artificial sweetner that some whiskies that have bit oak influence experience.

As on overall score it gets 84/100. It can be a very enjoyable bourbon, but sometimes not so much. It can be hit or miss and it is one that we would choose when the mood takes us. We would replace the bottle only when a specific offer is available.

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Additional Info

  • Country: USA
  • Region: Kentucky
  • Age Statement: 6 Years Old
  • Chill Filtered: Non Chill Filtered (NCF)
  • Colour Status: Natural Colour
  • ABV: 45%
  • Cask Strength: No
  • Colour: Medium Amber
  • Peated / Smoke: Unpeated
  • Cask Finish / Maturation: American white oak Matured
  • Single Cask: No
  • Mash Bill: Corn, Barley, Rye
  • Bottle Sizes: 700ml, 750ml
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • Whisky Experience Level: Beginner
  • Average Price (or RRP): £27.77
  • Value Score: 89.37
  • Our Score: 84
  • Ownership: Diageo
  • Bottle Stopper: Natural Cork
  • Brand: Bulleit
  • Packaging: No Packaging
  • Category: Bourbon
  • Corn: 68%
  • Rye: 28%
  • Barley: 4%
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