Site Updates for May 2020


Its been a while since our last blog post, what do they say, 'Better late than never', with that, let's get to it.

We have been busy adding content to the site and 'trying' to improve content for more than just the UK. Of course we have been adding more Whisky to the database, while were are on that, we have added most, 10 and 12 year old core range offerings from the major Scottish brands and we are in in the process are adding 15 year old whisky. We have also been adding US whiskies, other international whiskies will be added soon.

We have added distillery maps as follows:
Scotland- This shows all active distilleries, but we have also added many lost distilleries, aswell as a couple of independent bottlers. 
Ireland - This shows all active distilleries for both Eire (Republic of Ireland) and Northern Ireland.
North America - This shows all active distilleries for the USA and we are currently adding Canadian Distilleries.

Please let us know via email if there is something you would like us to add, we would appreciate the Full Address or alternatively the longitude and lattitude co-ordinates, togther with the name of the site and if its currently active any website.

We have added a language chooser to the side menu. If you click the 3 horizontal lines at the top right corner of the page, on the pop out menu, we have flags displaying the available choice of languages. This uses Google Translate to switch from English to your choosen language. If there is a language you would benefit from please let us know and we will try and add it.

In terms of additional content, we have added a list of 'Indie' or independent bottlers from across the UK, more will be added all the time. We have also added a list of popular online whisky retailers, again this list is being added to all the time. Both new lists can be found buy going to the 'Whisky' Menu at the top of the page.

Finally we have added a subscription and register option. While we want to keep this site free as much as possible, it does have a financial overhead, hosting, behind the scene processes that keep us bringing awesome features to you and other future enhancements cost us. To help us cover this cost, we have a free to register option and a donation option when you register. When you dontate, currently £20, you benefit from all the features of free registration, but you are also contributing to the cost of running the site, we will be making charitable donations each year to our choosen charities and as a 'Patreon' you will be entered into exclusive draws to win whisky as well as being entitled to a free dram of your choice from our available list.
Please consider subscribing. You can join by clicking the REGISTER option from the menu above.

Once again, thank you to everyone who watches and is subscribed to our YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page. And of course this website.

Mark (Admin)

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