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Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

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FOR ADDITIONAL INFO WE HAVE ONLY USED MASHBILL E. There is mention that the barrels have char level 3 and 4, we have only displayed level 3.

From the Distillery Website

If you’ve ever wanted proof that mingling Bourbons is an art unto itself, you’ll find it in this perfectly balanced, small batch Bourbon. Four original Bourbon recipes have been expertly selected by our Master Distiller at the peak of maturation to create this very mellow and perfectly balanced Bourbon. You can enjoy it best straight up, on the rocks, or simply with a splash of your favorite mixer. 90 proof. 45% alcohol/volume. 

Mellow spice, rich fruit, hints of sweet oak & caramel.

Mellow, ripened red berries, dried spice, well-balanced, rich.

Soft, smooth & pleasantly long.

The Mashbills: E/B

We employ two unique mashbills (grain recipes) in our production. One is 60% corn, and the other is 75% corn. The lower corn mashbill contains 35% rye, significantly more than other Bourbons, resulting in a spicy, full-bodied taste. Limestone-rich water from the spring-fed Salt River is added to the mashbill. Each mashbill is cooked to perfection by tightly controlling the temperature to protect the delicate flavors of the different grains.

75% Corn

20% Rye

5% Barley

60% Corn

35% Rye

5% Barley

Only Four Roses uses 5 original and proprietary yeast strains — each producing uniquely different, rich flavors.

V/K/O/Q/F = Yeast strain used to create flavor characteristics.

Small Batch Uses Strains O and K for Rich Fruit (O) and Slight Spice (K)

Both mash bills have a fermentation with each strain giving Four Roses Small Batch a blend of 4 different spirits.

Additional Info

  • Country: USA
  • Region: Kentucky
  • Age Statement: 5
  • Chill Filtered: Non Chill Filtered (NCF)
  • Colour Status: Natural Colour
  • ABV: 45%
  • Cask Strength: No
  • Colour: Amber
  • Peated / Smoke: Unpeated
  • Cask Finish / Maturation: American white oak Matured
  • Single Cask: No
  • Mash Bill: Rye, Corn, Barley
  • Bottle Sizes: 700ml, 750ml
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • Whisky Experience Level: Beginner
  • Average Price (or RRP): £29.49
  • Value Score: 88.10
  • Our Score: Not yet reviewed
  • Ownership: Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Bottle Stopper: Natural Cork
  • Brand: Four Roses
  • Packaging: No Packaging
  • Category: Bourbon
  • Corn: 75%
  • Rye: 20%
  • Barley: 5%
  • Barrel Char Level: 3
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