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WELCOME to the new site.

Whisky Resource has had been completely recreated. A full 100% ground up rebuild for 2023.
New Look and a new Logo

WhiskyResource Logo 2023

BUT WHY? I can hear you ask..
Simple really (but very complicated at the same time).
Our old site operated on an old version of a CMS (Content Management System).
Behind the scenes we were utilising some free (opensource) software in order to give us the functionality we required, unfortunately, the core the development of the core background software we were using was not keeping pace with updated features & security of the CMS, at some point our webspace provider could have forced an upgrade meaning our site would cease to function, if this happened all our whisky data would be useless. We had a few choices;

  • Keep adding content to the site as it was and wait for the update we needed, all the while knowing, there was a virtual noose over our head.
  • Stop working on the site and leave it to cease functioning and end the Whisky Resource project.
  • Start again, using the very latest version of the CMS with all the very latest security & new features.

So we went for the latter option. It required complete data entry, there was no shortcut, we could copy image folders and the folder structure across, but all the whisky information needed re-entering.


We have separated our reviews from our database. We realise that site users don't necessarily want to read our reviews, they want to look up whisky information and leave it at that, which is fine, we still want to do reviews and we will still publish reviews, but they will have their own area which our users can choose to read should they wish. This gives us extra analytical data (Don't worry you aren't tracked & you viewing activity is completely private), what our site does is count every time an article (Whisky Database or Whisky Review) is read, meaning we can track what is popular, this information becomes useful for publishing annual what is popular posts.

Since we have abandoned using the previous background software, we have had to research a replacement for our 'Search & Filter' feature from the old site, this was not easy. Since the new CMS we are using is still very new, there is limited free software available. However we found a suitable replacement & have managed to restructure how WHISKYRESOURCE works in order to give the user experience you have come to expect.


We have added a 5 star voting option to each whisky listed, this will appear below the whisky specifics & above the whisky bottle image. Choose how you rate the whisky out of 5 then click rate.
In the future we will be able to publish data relating to to whisky popularity.


As always we would love your feedback, rest assured new features will be added to further improve the site as new developments become available.

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Mark Smith