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Thank You for visiting my little site. This is a little about me & what Whisky Resource is all about.

I'm Mark, I suppose I am what most people would think is a typical whisky drinker (however perceptions are very much outdated), I'm a middle aged white male from the North East of England, living around 14 miles from the nearest distillery (that hasn't yet released any whisky) and 50 mile from the Scottish Border, the nearest Scottish distillery being about 63 mile away from me.

For most of my adult life I enjoyed drinking Rum, Whiskey Liquers (Think SoCo) and Bourbon. However, Scotch, tried it several times and couldn't get passed the Malty & Peaty taste. Like many uneducated folk to such things, I thought all whisky was the same and naivety took its course. 

It took a life changing event, the loss of my father in 2018, for me to embrace whisky again. At the wake of late father, we all toasted him with what his favourite brand Johnnie Walker, particularly the Red Label, I enjoyed it! It is not the gateway whisky I would recommend, but crammed into the glass of dozens of blended malts & grain whisky was emotion, loss, grief, sadness & a spirit to discover more about whisky.

I started by taking my defunct YouTube channel (That was originally about Running & Beer) and started uploading my thoughts about what I was drinking, this was my way of grieving, of connecting with my late father. Without him to talk too and join me on my whisky journey, I had to find my own path.

"Path" that's where Whisky Resource comes in. I had bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label and a couple of other Supermarket regulars, such as Highland Park 12 and Jura 10, they were fine, but there was more to discover.
For me, I wanted a map to guide me down the path of my whisky journey. One thing that occurred to me was all these amazing flavour notes printed on the bottle for smell and taste. I was familiar with 'The Whisk(e)y Tribe' YouTube channel and a few popular whisky websites, but none of them really helped me discover the next whisky to try.

So I started by researching whisky that tasted of Christmas Cake, one of my favourite foods. After some googling, it became apparent that Glenfarclas 105 was the closest to the mark that I could afford, so I bought a 200ml bottle and had my 'Epiphany' moment, it was spectacular and sent me on a path discovering sherried whisky of various strength and cask maturation/finishing. Each time I found a new whisky flavour note, I wanted to find others similar, but alas there was no resource, at least none I could find or have recommended that allowed whisky to be searched for based on how it tasted (Ok tasting flavours is all perception and individual - But they are chemicals and if one person can detect it, then Im sure others will also). I wanted to fix this problem.

After uploading some sporadic YouTube reviews it wasn't until January 2020 that I decided I wanted to take it more serious. I wanted to brand my channel, create a website and provide a way of discovering whisky based around the distillery tasting notes published for each and every bottle (Core) released.

I was lying in the bath thinking about what to call the my re-brand, coming up with the name Whisky Resource, I set about checking that the web name was free and all the socials. Within about 15 minutes I had obtained all the socials and the domain name.

The easy bit was done. Now I needed to create a logo and build the website, oh and research and find accurate information for every bottle listed in the database...

Whisky Resource Logo from 2020-2021

Whisky Resource Logo One

Whisky Resource Logo 2 from 2021-2023

Whisky Resource Logo Design 2

Whisky Resource Logo 3 (Current Logo) 2023 - Present

Whisky Resource Logo Design 3

I hope the site proves to be a useful Whisky Resource Slainte


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