Dalmore 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

  • Country: Scotland
  • Region: Highland
  • Category: Single Malt Whisky
  • Owners: Emperador
  • Bottler: Distillery
  • Brand: The Dalmore
  • Age Statement: 12
  • Chill Filtered: Yes
  • Alcohol % ABV: 40
  • Cask Strength: No
  • Average Price (2023) £: 58.70
  • Colour Status: Coloured
  • Peated / Smoke: Unpeated
  • Cask Maturation / Finish: Ex-Bourbon / Oloroso Sherry
  • Single Cask: No
  • Mash Bill: Malted Barley
  • Barley: 100
  • Whisky Experience Level: Beginner
  • Value Score : 81 out of 100
  • Bottle Stopper: Natural Cork
  • Packaging: Box
  • Core Bottle or Special Release: Core Bottle
  • Product URL: https://www.thedalmore.com/our-collections/the-principal-collection/the-12/
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Dalmore 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

An outstanding single malt matured in American white oak ex-bourbon casks and finessed in rare and aged oloroso sherry casks.

"With its intricate aromas and flavours, The Dalmore 12 is recognised as a whisky with character far beyond its age."

Richard Paterson
Master Distiller

The Aroma

Citrus fruits, chocolate and aromatic spices

On the Palate

Seville oranges, dried fruits and hints of vanilla pod

Finishing Notes

Roasted coffee and dark chocolate

Previous Prices

May 2020 £43.70
Feb 2023 £58.70 (£15 Increase / 34.32% Increase)

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  • Our Review

    The Dalmore 12 year old is the first offering in the Age Statement core range, it is matured in ex-bourbon casks for 9 years, before half is removed and matured for 3 more years in Oloroso Sherry casks, the bourbon and sherry matured whiskies are then blended back together and presented at 40% abv, with added colour and chill filtration. It has an average retail price of £43.70 which with the previous statements help it achieve a value score of 83.36 out of 100, which is consistent with other 40% abv 15 year offering from other brands.

    This whisky is competent, on the nose is a definite hit of Oloroso Sherry, comparing it to an actual glass of sherry is a great way to be able to identify the sherry notes on the whisky, but also to look past the Oloroso influence and experience what the bourbon maturation brings to the experience, in this case, its Citrus and Oak. Also on the nose are spices such as Cinnamon and maybe some clove. There is also a touch of chocolate cream.

    On the palate you notice the alcohol as it starts to display the rich dried fruits of sultanas, cherry and raisins. There is more chocolate as it shows some bitter mocka notes, with the oak and spices on its finish with is medium length.

    This whisky is very competent as an example of a good Oloroso sherried whisky, it is an ideal Christmas apperitif, a perfect way of experiencing how sherry impacts a whisky. Do a direct comparison to a bottle of Oloroso to help identify its cask influence. However, this whisky while good, isn't massively complex and doesn't change too much overtime or with water. We would possibly not add another to our collection, unless it has at least a 25% price reduction. We give it an overall score of 84 out of 100.
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